Now you CAN quit smoking with the Quit Smoking NOW App

The NEW digitally re-mastered version of the Award-winning 'Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten’ App as featured in The SUN Newspaper’s Max Kirsten’s Quit Smoking Series in January 2017.

Quit Smoking Now App

Quit Smoking now with a new digitally re-mastered version of the original award-winning 'Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten’ App

  • It's easy to quit smoking!

    No pain! No unwanted weight gain! No drugs – Our quit smoking app is 100% safe!

  • Quit smoking the cost effective way

    So for around the cost of a pack of cigarettes, you too can now take advantage of this highly effective quit smoking program.

  • Complete Nicotine Freedom

    This program also works for breaking e-cigarette addiction and cigar addiction.

  • Digitally remastered

    Full Stereo Imaging, including the latest Future Pacing, Analogue Marking techniques, with breakthrough techniques in Advanced Hypnosis combined with Binaural Beat Technology, and encoded (Alpha,Theta, Delta) Brainwave Entrainment Frequencies.

New 2017 edition to help you quit smoking

As featured in The UK’s Sunday Times ‘The World’s Best Apps – The Apps List.’ The Ultimate Award-winning Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy App for the iPhone.


Already helped 1000s of people quit smoking.


Lungs & blood pressure improve within 48 hours of quitting smoking.


Reduce cravings and irritability in 60 seconds.


Latest information about quitting smoking, 40 Fact cards & 2 Smoking related galleries.


Help to avoid weight gain after you quit smoking.


Quit smoking for less than a pack of 20 cigarettes.

A Proven Quit Smoking App

A high quality hypnosis programme using binaural beat technology.
This is a proven quit smoking program (not a generic hypnosis product). Having helped many thousands of people to quit smoking successfully, Max Kirsten now brings you the distillation of all that experience in his latest ‘Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten’ program – a proven technique in just 3 easy steps. Max Kirsten is an an Award-winning internationally recognised Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Success Coach, and a leading Smoking Cessation expert. The App includes:

  • About This Programme – how to prepare to successfully quit smoking for good
  • Getting Ready to Quit – the benefits and top tips for health issues around quitting smoking
  • Tips to avoid weight gain and the timetable outlining what positive things happen to your body when you quit smoking
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions - Introduction, Main Quit Smoking Now session - Booster Session and Relaxation Session
  • Quit Smoking Calculator - showing how many cigarettes you have not smoked and how much money you have saved
  • Now You Have Quit Smoking - tips and information on how to live as a non-smoker and increase health benefits of not smoking, and powerful series of smoking fact cards
  • Staying stopped – 60 Second Craving Buster techniques

The Award Winning Quit Smoking App

Voted best quit smoking app by the Sunday Times for the second year in a row. The NEW App 'Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten' went straight into #1 on iTunes for Medical Apps in January 2016

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