Quit Smoking NOW

New 2021 Special Edition
The Award Winning App

Quit Smoking Now App

New 2021 Special Edition

The Award Winning App


VOTED! 'Best Apps to Help You Quit' MEDICAL NEWS TODAY

VOTED! #1 Stop Smoking App in ‘The Sunday Times “THE APPS LIST – The 500 Best Apps in the World." Voted Best Quit Smoking Apps of 2018! NEWS! Voted #1 MEDICAL App Jan 2017 on iTunes App Store. 

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Quit Smoking - Number 1 Paid App
NEWS! Singer Adele (Hello) quits smoking with Max Kirsten’s ‘Quit Smoking NOW’ App. NEWS! Singer Liam Payne quits smoking with Max Kirsten’s ‘Quit Smoking Now’ App. VOTED #1 Stop Smoking New Years Resolution iPhone App – iPhone App Review.

Proven Success   

1000’s have already quit successfully with this Advanced Hypnosis NLP App worldwide.

Craving Buster   

Dissolve any cigarette cravings with the  ’60-Second Craving Buster’ technique. It really works!


How many 'smoke-free' days? How many Cigarettes, or E-cigs, JUUL etc not smoked or vaped? Money saved? 

   Avoid Weight

Hypnotherapy and latest advice on how to avoid that usual unwanted weight gain.

   Many Extras!

Latest News on Smoking, 40-Fact cards, 2 smoking galleries, read all the five star reviews!

   Amazing Value

Quit for less than the price of a standard pack of cigarettes. You WILL be amazed! Quit + Stay QUIT!

Max Kirsten is an Award-winning internationally recognised British Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a leading Smoking Cessation Specialist.

His many clients include: Adele, Tom Hardy, Ewan McGregor, Liam Payne and many celebrities from film, music, business world including CEO’s and senior politicians. However, Max wants to help smokers from 'all walks of life' to break their addiction to nicotine (including other new nicotine products like the #1 vape called the JUUL, and all e-cigs, vapes, patches, sprays, lozenges and gums), and to quit wherever you are living in the world.

His award-winning Quit Smoking Now App, first created in 2009, now digitally re-mastered, uses the most advanced cognitive hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Prgramming, (NLP). All the hypnosis recordings were created in a 'state-of-the-art' recording studio with full-stereo Imaging, including the latest ‘Future Pacing’, and ‘Analogue Marking’ techniques, combined with breakthrough techniques in Advanced Hypnosis combined with ‘Binaural Beat’ Technology, with encoded (Alpha,Theta, Delta) ‘Brainwave Entrainment Frequencies’. 

Inside the App?

FAQ & Support

For more questions and issues visit our dedicated support page here.

Note: If you want to stop smoking using this advanced hypnosis NLP CBT app will help dramatically increase your chances of success.

It cannot however make you do something that you don’t want to do. For instance if you think you should stop, but haven’t yet fully committed to making that choice, you will fail. You have to be ready and completely determined to quit. ‘Will-power’ is still very much required. * Please note: That results may vary from person to person.

* Please note: This app is contra-indicated for pregnant women, epileptics and clinical depression. Not suitable for vegans. For more information please visit the app's contra-indications page here.